1PM GOL 3445

Weekly Meeting

Martin Charles will be presenting ES6 the most modern JavaScript standard. Now that you know how it can be used and what it looks like now learn the ins and outs of the langauge that runs the web.
1PM GOL 3445

Weekly Meeting

Ryan White presents building bots that interact with Reddit's API.Learn how bots work, how to run them, and what to think about when building one to fit your needs.
Our weekly meetings are every Thursday at 1PM in Golisano room 3445


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Hey there, and welcome to the RIT Localhost website! Here you'll find meeting and contact information for RIT Localhost. We are a web design and development club focused on helping students share what they've learned from class, co-ops, and anywhere else, so they we can all improve our work while having fun and meeting new people. Any student attending RIT is welcome to join, regardless of major or year level. The things we do as a club are suitable for any experience level, and everyone can learn a thing or two about developing websites and applications.