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E-Board Members

Chris Dumlao

Christopher Dumlao

Position: President
Major: Web & Mobile Computing
Graduation: Spring 2018

Dan Brunwasser

Dan Brunwasser

Position: Vice President
Major: Computer Science
Graduation: Spring 2020

Nick Rung

Nick Rung

Position: Treasurer
Major: Web & Mobile Computing
Graduation: Spring 2017

"Other than being an e-board member for RIT Localhost club, I am also a member of codeRIT and am an ambassdor for the IST department. After Graduation I will be working for SapientRazorfish in Chicago."

Ricky Catron
Ricky Catron

Position: Secretary
Major: Web & Mobile Computing
Graduation: Spring 2019

"In class I have learned about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design, Java, and PHP. On my own I like to write python web apps using the Flask or Django frameworks. Currently I am working to learn more about devops, automation, user experience, JavaScript, and its many frameworks. In addition to my web experience I have worked in general IT as a Helpdesk Tech and my team was featured in the local paper during high school for our work with the raspberry pi micro computer."

Daniel Bogaard

Dan Bogaard

Position: Faculty Advisor

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